Hospital discharge cards and outcome mapping (SDO)

Hospital discharge cards and outcome mapping (SDO)The SDO System collects information on patients discharged from public and private clinical facilities in order to monitor, evaluate and plan the healthcare forecasting of our country.

Every hospitalisation is subject to an accurate classification carried out by clinicians regarding the diseases, the traumas, the performed surgeries and the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures executed during hospitalisation.

In Italy, this classification takes place through the ICD9 - CM (International Classification of Disease) and the procedures are paid to the healthcare facility through a complex mechanism called DRG.
The SDO system represents a fundamental aspect of diagnostic and prescriptive appropriateness.
With the help of PNE - National Outcome Program and CIDICS (Italian Center for Documentation, Information and Health Coding) PKE has been studying for years the classification system used by Italian Healthcare. 

With the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanità and AIMAC, PKE has created the first guide for cancer patients ( in the complex oncological field, highlighting the cancer disease by pathology, the structures with their volumes treated and the level of reliability rendered through adherence to the cut-offs.

From the experience gained, from the relationship with healthcare facilities and thanks to Atlante Sanità, PKE is able to offer a comprehensive mapping service capable of indicating to Health stakeholders the health structures, the departments and their composition (management, medical director, medical managers) as well as the figures who carry out diagnosis and treatment in our country.

The mapping and CME analysis service, allows the careful identification of the scientific board and the identification of influencers in each therapeutic area, pathology and surgical procedure.

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company

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