Market research and mapping

market research and mappingPKE is considered the perfect market research partner, thanks to its knowledge in both pharmaceutical and health fields. The company identifies and maps healthcare professionals considered more suitable for communication campaigns.

Market research

The service can be used by companies that are launching a new product in the market, that want to make a budget estimation or want to know how big their communication network is.
Treatment clinics can use the service to determinate their catchment area and/or plan informative communication to healthcare professionals.
Atlante Sanità® gives the possibility to make researches considering many parameters.
For example:

  • Research doctors who deal with Alzheimer dividing them for specialties (geriatrics, neurology, psychiatry); professional role, age; doctors who publish scientific articles and who take part to ECM courses;
  • Research operative doctors in aesthetic medicine, dividing them for professional role, age, gender;
  • Research operative professionals (doctors, pharmacists, biologists) in alternative medicine, dividing them in who have interests in homeopathy, acupuncture or phytotherapy.
The result of the service should be:
  • Numerical information
  • Healthcare professionals list for the company
  • Communication campaign
  • Sampling activity


PKE is the partner of pharmaceutical and medical device industry, regarding specific professional/pathological areas mapping.
PKE have:

  • Medical direction to understand requirement of the company
  • An analysis service of SDO (hospital discharge form), to analyze surgical intervention
  • A link to map KOL
  • A direct link to DOL (Digital Opinion Leader) across WelfareLink®

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company

Case studies

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