Observatory and Studies

observatories and studiesThe service is defined as an institution with the purpose of observing different kinds of phenomena such as: doctor sentiment concerning prescription of biological drugs, customer satisfaction about NHS, evaluation of patients association about policy maker, etc.

Multidisciplinary knowledge are necessary to build  an observatory: from analysis capabilities (logic and statistic) to the creation of collecting data system (across survey or studies) or the access to available data (for example open data). Generally the observatory realizes documents, presentations and events in which they show what they have observed and, moreover, they have the opportunity to start new specific surveys. Observatory of Cosmetic Medicine is an example of observatory, born in 2017 with the collaboration of Agorà (Scientific societies of cosmetic medicine).

PKE is the representative in creation and realization of observatory and studies, thanks to its experience in the creation and management of database, in the analysis and use of open data.

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Food industry
  • Scientific society
  • Patients Association
  • Insurance
  • Technology company (CRM provider)
  • Provider ECM
  • Editorial group

Case studies

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