Welfare linkWelfareLink® is the biggest community of the healthcare professionals in the web.

Joining the community is free and is conducted through a complete registration form aimed at validating and matching the operator with the data in the database. Operators who intend to join the community must take four levels of consensus Privacy.

WelfareLink is the platform that certifies the health worker's identity guaranteeing free unique credentials (user ID and password) to access the most important and qualified network resources, all in full respect of privacy and the guarantee of an encrypted processes.

WelfareLink® finds a use in all areas in which recognition is sought and the professional profiling and specifically:

  • Information medical/scientific on the pharmaceutical product and  medical devices (D.L s. 219/06 Unique code on th pharmaceutical product);
  • Access to the resources of e- learning (FAD);
  • Access to internet/ extranet for pathological use on the web;
  • Sharing of ICP (integrated care pathways) for exsample  Pain, COPD, Diabeties, Obesity, etc);
  • Adherence to the rules on Administrative Transparency
Each member is offered, though his interest, free membership with a wide range of publications and online resources.

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