Database enrichment

enrichmentEnrichment is a PKE service that allows companies to complete their database, enriching it with new specialists and professionals.
The activity is very important for companies or private authority which activity is based on database bought from others or realized across a collection made on their own.
So, Match & Clean give the possibility to find and correct mistakes in company database; moreover, enrichment let to complete it with new health specialists and professionals.

Doctors catalogue
Nowadays, the most complete doctors catalogues count, more or less, 250.000 operative doctors, with a mistake of 30%. Official sources say that operative doctors and dentists are approximately 420.000 (FNOMCeO, February 2016).
Every year there are around 10.000 new doctors. So it is difficult to count doctors and dentists.
Moreover, doctors, except from anaesthetists and radiologists, don’t have to lay down their specialty at their provincial Order. As a result, the analysis about the target is so approximate.

Other healthcare professions catalogue
As we said, there are many solutions for companies who want to know how many doctors and dentists are working, but what about the other 34 healthcare professions? Atlante Sanità® is the only database which solve this problem.
Many examples:
  • Pharmacists: it is necessary to inform them differently in base of their profession: pharmacists of the district, pharmacists of the hospital, pharmacists that are working in one of the 5.000 para-pharmacies.
  • Biologists: they belong to an important category of prescriber of dietary supplement.
  • Veterinaries: they are more than 30.000 and their market is growing on rapidly.

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Food industry
  • Scientific society
  • Patients Association
  • Insurance
  • Technology company (CRM provider)
  • Provider ECM
  • Editorial group
  • Public utilities

Case studies

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