High Profiling

Web and social profiling

High ProfilingDigital communication, thanks to its low cost in comparison with pharmaceutical sales representative visit, has been introduced in marketing mix by many companies. Therefore, we speak about eDetailing, Non Personal Promotion, Multichannel Marketing, etc.

High profiling is the possibility to better know the medical/scientific interests of doctor, despite his academic qualification. This is possible analysing digital behaviour of doctor (feasible because HCPs authorization to be profiled).
In the case in which the enrolled denies the consent to be profiled, PKE is going to procure an aggregated data referred to the common use of doctors who have similar characteristics.

High profiling is also based on what the doctor reads on papers like Popular Science and Pathology Magazines or on DEM (Digital eMail Marketing).

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Technology company (CRM provider)

Case studies

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