About Us

About us

PKE is a company created to manage Italian healthcare databases. Over time, the areas of expertise have expanded, thus specialising both in data management and communication. To do this, it uses its two primary assets: Atlante Sanità and WelfareLink.

Atlante Sanità

Born through the partnership with Federsanità ANCI, Atlante Sanità is the primary Italian health care database that has become a reference for the Healthcare world in terms of quality and completeness. It includes about 1.4 million records of operators registered in healthcare related Orders and Registers, divided into the 36 Health Professions and 3 Professions of the Health Role, as well as the staff involved in public and private bodies that represent the entirety of  Health Structures. Each professional figure’s data that is present in Atlante Sanità is compliant with regulatory terms and is complete with its personal, professional and scientific information.


WelfareLink is the largest Italian health worker online community and includes over 460.000 operators. To access the community one must register through a form aimed at validating and matching the operator with the data present in the database. The operator who intends to be part of the community must subscribe to four levels of  Privacy consent.
Our services avail themselves of Atlante Sanità and WelfareLink but not only...!