About Us

About us

PKE is a company founded by DS Medigroup, formed to manage the database of professions and creating profiled communities on the Internet.

PKE goal is to accompany the Institutions and Private Bodies in the proper handling of information and have an in knowledge of different professions, in the analysis of the specific skills of each discipline, with evaluations of their training and information needs in the strategic definition of the tools communications (information and training) and their full implementation.

PKE stands for Professional Knowledge Empowerment, indicating a company that considers the professional growth as an essential added value for the development of the individual and the community.

PKE, through the knowledge of its target and their profiling (personal, professional and psychographic obtained by analyzing the behaviors on the web) accompanies the Institutions and Private Bodies in the shift from transactional approach to 'relational interaction.

The management methodology of the data base and the proven ability, through computerized processes, to manage the digital identity of the operators has enabled PKE, leveraging its expertise in the complex field of Health, to also become a partner of agencies and institutions that aggregate other professions (engineers, geologists, etc).

Its parent company, DS Medigroup, active for about 40 years in the healthcare industry, has made the most important experiences in the database management and health since 1994, with the advent of the Internet in Italy, the most important community on the web. This experience, unique to the complexity and importance of the sector in which it has matured, the group has opened the doors to many other professions, and, through an investment of 6 million Euros, founded PKE.


PKE also specializes in creating web-guides to accompany the people in the choice of the most adequate professional for your needs.