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digital communicationDigital communication and new media are growing day by day, becoming very important in marketing strategies. Audiweb said that more than 30.000.000 Italians are online each month. Doctors and other healthcare professionals take part to this huge number. Nowadays it is essential to know what a doctor needs to know and so communication is becoming multichannel (ISF, e-detailing, npp, social, etc).

Another important aspect is Content management: indeed, companies should conform their massage to target, or to the single doctor. Content management has the purpose to create messages considering many aspects like: the doctor you are speaking with, the time in which you communicate, the contents, etc.
PKE has a large number of information about doctors: professional specialisation, professional role, experiences, professional interests, interaction with web, etc. Thanks to mapping and high profiling, PKE has the possibility to know all these aspects, in accordance with regulations. In this way it is possible to send massages only to people who are probably interested in receiving it.
A digital marketing project should take into consideration many aspects:
  • Timing
  • Content preference (high profiling)
  • Channel (chat, email, social, etc)
 SICS – Italian Society of Scientific Communication is the partner of PKE regarding the creation of digital communication projects in pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Data protection company
  • Scientific society
  • Patients Association
  • Insurance
  • Technology company (CRM provider)
  • Public/private institution of NHS
  • Provider ECM
  • Editorial group
  • Public utilities

Case studies

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