Market Access

market accessOur Market Access solution allows our customers to have a clear and effective mapping of the organizations and specific stakeholders involved in the decision-making process of adoption, approval and recognition of drugs and medical devices.

PKE provides to own customers a Market Access organized process with the goal to have a quick access to the organizations and stakeholders involved at national, regional and local level according to a precise and structured hierarchy.
This solution allows:
  • To access to stakeholder data through a dedicated portal (available in 2018) or having a direct integration with customers’ CRM;
  • To have updated information: our data are updated with daily frequency through by a proactive activity or by validating requests coming from the customers
  • To have a clear and accurate view of the data thanks to a standard hierarchical representation

Service details

For each professional/stakeholder is indicated its role within the organization (i.e.. for the committees: President, consultant or secretary)  and thanks to Atlante Sanità it’s possible to view the membership of a medical register and the master and professional data (Name, Surname, City and Date of Birth, Gender, Degree, Academic specializations, membership of a organization or scientific societies, etc).

Service benefits
  • A whole and precise institutional and organizations structure;
  • Simple and quick access to the main institutional stakeholders; 
  • Clear, updated and detailed market vision;
  • An early preview of further changes on organizations and professionals   

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Insurance
  • Public/private institution of NHS

Case studies

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