Match & Clean Web

Web database deduplication and validation

match and clean webMatch & Clean Web service allows companies to validate their digital archive. As a result, they obtain a database that is updated with law.
From 1994 until now, many companies have created their website to communicate with target. But they have to consider Data Protection and Data privacy laws: so it is important to have a database in accordance with regulations.
Moreover, there are a lot of problems a company has to face with:
  • Correct identification of the healthcare professional;
  • Lack of respect of regulations (legislative decree 219/06);
  • Communication not conform with target;
  • Database composed by people who are not healthcare professional
  • Communication with people who are not doctors anymore;
  • Impossibility to make multichannel marketing strategies.

Target audience

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Medical device company
  • Editorial group

Case studies

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